17th WaterNet/WRFSA/GWPSA Symposium

The WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposia have been held annually in the Eastern and Southern African region for the past 15 years.

The Symposium promotes interaction among policymakers, academics, practitioners from water and related sectors, and cooperating partners. Together, they identify regional issues, gaps and priorities that require further research and support. Great emphasis will be placed on integration of knowledge, particularly involving scholars from the natural, medical and social sciences.

Following 16 successful conferences which have all been held on both the mainland and the island state of Mauritius in Southern Africa, the 17th WaterNet/WRFSA/GWPSA Symposium will be held in Gaborone, Botswana at the Gaborone International Convention Centre. The theme for this year is  Integrated Water Resources Management: Water Security, Sustainability and Development in Eastern and Southern Africa. The University of Botswana is the host institution. We would also like to welcome the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) as a co-convener of the annual symposia.

The annual symposia are a platform for water professionals to share advances in research and education related to Integrated Water Resources Management. It is also a place to discuss new opportunities and development towards the integrated management of our scarce fresh water resources. The organisers call upon all water sector professionals, policy makers, and international cooperating partners alike to use the 17th  Symposium as a platform to build partnerships and strengthen cooperation for Integrated Water Resources Management in Eastern and Southern Africa and beyond. Oral, poster and special sessions presentations are invited.

Please also check the 1st AfriAlliance Innovation Bridge Event, which is organised in conjunction with this year's Symposium.

Source and full event details: WATERnet