CAAST-Net Plus: Workshop with Entrepreneurs and Managers of digital Portals in Food Systems

The initiative is based on the “need for an Africa‐EU platform for structured access to all knowledge, outputs and lessons learned from various initiatives and research projects, as well as the need for a communication strategy, not only for the implementation of the roadmap on FNSSA but also for the transfer of knowledge into solutions, including the national decision‐makers and potential investors in Research and Innovation (R&I) and entrepreneurs." which was identified in a High Level Policy Dialogue meeting in Ethiopia, in April 2016.

According to Stefan A. Haffner (DLR-PT, Germany) "Locally adapted inclusive communication systems should be built in a subsidiary manner for sharing knowledge and research questions according to real needs. Together with the management of digital knowledge portals in STI, an Africa-EU KMCS Initiative will be key for establishing functional innovation systems."

The workshop was organised by CAAST-Net Plus partner, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) and held in conjunction with the Food Africa Expo and the stakeholder forum of the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (4PRIMA). CAAST-Net Plus is planning to host further consultations with key stakeholders to gather further inputs on the Blueprint towards the Africa-EU KMCS Initiative.

For more information on the KMCS Initiative, have a look at the CAAST-Net Plus Website.