2nd Meeting of the Joint African‐European Research and Innovation Funding Partnership

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The meeting took place on 5-6 October 2015 on the premises of the DLR Project Management Agency in Bonn, Germany. 41 participants representing several funding institutions from Africa and Europe visited the 2nd meeting of ERAfrica partners.

The main objectives of the meeting were:

  1. to advance ERAfrica as an institution for funding parties in the field of STI, based on participatory principles for serving the needs of African and European researchers
    through designing joint funding schemes;
  2. to develop a second ERAfrica Call based on the discussions of the first meeting at
    13th May 2015, in Pretoria, South Africa on two separated topics which are 1.) Food
    and Nutrition Security (FNS) and 2.) Resilience (sub-topics: resilient societies,
    resilience and a.) climate change, b) urbanization, c) political instability);
  3. to discuss the use of the H2020 ERA-Net Cofund (SFS-41-2016) as an instrument for
    ERAfrica to support research in the field of FNS.


An ERAfrica steering committee was nominated, consisting of PASRES (Côte d'Ivoire),
UniPID (Finland), IRD (France), DLR-PT (Germany), NCRST (Namibia) and DST (South

The ERAfrica Team (consisting of the steering committee and the secretariat) were
mandated to promote a) the development of ERAfrica as an long-term institution, b) the
development of a second ERAfrica Call on the topic of ‘Resilience’ and c) the management
of a proposal for the H2020 ERA-Net Cofund (SFS-41-2016) in close communication
with the ERAfrica partners.

20 participating institutions expressed their interest in supporting ERAfrica and the
development process on the long-term as well as a ERAfrica II Call on the topic ‘Resilience’.
Further funding institutions, who have not participated at the meeting, signaled their
interest in the ERAfrica partnership.

22 participating institutions expressed their interest as ERAfrica partners in using the the
H2020 ERA-Net Cofund (SFS-41-2016).

An ERAfrica roadmap for the development of the second ERAfrica Call was developed (see linked document).

The ERAfrica secretariat will manage the participative process of the development of the
ERAfrica legal framework and the second Call on ‘Resilience’ together with the interested
funding parties and will organise a third ERAfrica meeting in March 2016.


Download the event information, including the Agenda, a Roadmap for the 2nd ERAfrica Call, members' lists of the ERAfrica Steering Comitee and Secretariat, as well as of interested institutions and potential Cofund partners.

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