Kick-off workshop for the development of a research agenda for the Pan-African University Institute for Water and Energy

The German  Federal Ministry of Educcation and Research (BMBF) and the Pan-African University Institute for Water and Energy (PAUWES) held a joint workshop in Tlemcen, Algeria, from 19 - 21 October. This workshop triggered the process of developing a research agenda for the Institute.

More than 50 African and German scientists in the fields of water, energy and climate met in Tlemcen to discuss the anticipated focal points of the Institute’s research in working groups.

The result of the scientific consulting process begun in Tlemcen will be a research agenda that will constitute the framework for the Institute’s future research.

Supporting the Pan-African University in general and the PAUWES Institute in particular is a focal point of the BMBF’s Africa strategy. The BMBF supports PAUWES in close cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The BMZ and BMBF divide their tasks in a complementary manner. While the BMZ and the implementing organisations GIZ and DAAD are mainly responsible for supervising the development of Master's degree courses and general management structures, the BMBF is helping PAUWES structure its research activities.

The workshop was organised by the DLR Project Management Agency. The African Union (AU) made the decision to establish a Pan-African University (PAU) in 2009. The PAU will have five locations, known as 'hubs', each of which is to focus on a different topic. Under the aegis of the BMZ, Germany has assumed the role of 'key thematic partner' for the PAU hub in Algeria (located at the University of Tlemcen), which focuses on the topics of energy, water and climatic change.

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Source: Kooperation International (in German)