BALEWARE 2016 – Bridging Africa, Latin America and Europe on Water and Renewable Energies Applications

Africa and Latin America share great challenges concerning reliable and affordable supply of clean water and sustainable energy. Addressing these challenges can be done most effectively if academia, industry, governments and non-governmental organizations from different regions join forces. This motivates the establishment of a platform to be launched during the BALEWARE 2016 conference, where stakeholders from Africa, Latin America and Europe can interact.

Sustainable Energy and Clean Water

The BALEWARE 2016 conference will focus on scientific, technical and organizational innovations on water purification and clean water supply, innovations on sustainable energy generation and distributions, and innovation that combine both areas challenges. It is expected to include training sessions for young researchers, academic research presentations, panel discussions for policy makers and non-governmental organizations, table top presentation demonstrating industrial innovations and a match-making session. Field visits to relevant projects or companies are also foreseen. Initiated on the 29th of May 2015 at the Federal University of Parana, Curitiba Brazil, by Daniel A. M. Egbe, the coordinator of the African Network for Solar Energy (, BALEWARE is a follow up of the EU funded project NMP-DeLA on Deployment of Nanotechnology, Materials and Production Technologies for Health, Water and Energy in Latin America ( As such, BALEWARE will promote joint initiatives and research proposals on Energy and Water for succeeding in the incoming public funding such as Horizon 2020 and any potential private funding (such as those open by different kind of private or bank foundations). 

Target audiences

The organisers welcome participation of researchers from Africa, Latin America and Europe, policy makers, industry manufacturing relevant systems as well as African start-ups developing technological solutions, NGOs and in particular students.

Download the call for papers and sponsorship.

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