South Africa-EUREKA Smart Cities Partnering Event

The South African smart cities partnering event will take place during EUREKA Innovation Week. A delegation of South African researchers and innovators will pitch their project ideas for EUREKA endorsement. South Africa will also be exhibiting, to showcase South African expertise and market South African institutions as preferred international partners for EUREKA projects.

The EUREKA Innovation Week will present international collaboration activities hosted by the EUREKA Associated Countries; Canada, South Africa and South Korea, an Innovation event showcasing Smart cities initiatives and on-going activities within the thematic EUREKA Clusters.

The event is a perfect opportunity to network and to meet future project partners via the business to business meetings. The organiser's aim is for you to get inspired, gain new ideas, insights as well as making many new contacts with potential business partners during the EUREKA innovation week.

To register for the South Africa-EUREKA Smart Cities Partnering Event, please proceed to the Online Registration.

Download the Draft Agenda.

Contact Ms Tugela Matubatuba for more information.