ProIntens Africa side event to AASW7: 'Towards an Africa-Europe Startegic Partnership for Sustainable Intensification of the Food Systems in Africa'

Increasing food production is necessary to feed the growing world population and to meet the need of the changing emanating from the various socio-economic development. It is also clear that current agricultural practices, with or without high external inputs, do have negative impacts on the environment and the natural resource base. The effects of these practices vary from soil fertility degradation, loss of biodiversity; dysfunctional ecosystem, pollution of water sources, emission of greenhouse gasses, etc. There is a growing consensus that the sustainability of agriculture needs to increase and that the 'business as usual' is not sustainable option.

The PROIntensAfrica project was established with the objective of improving the food and nutrition security of the African population, foster sustainable agrarian livelihood and enhance the resilience of the natural resource base by providing documented knowledge and evidence on effective pathways for sustainable intensification. Various pathways for sustainable intensification exist, each have its own comparative advantage and potential to be applied under specific conditions. PROIntensAfrica aims to unravel the different scenarios and come up with ways to maximize benefits under different natural and socio-economic conditions. The PROIntensAfrica thus aim to develop a proposal for a long term research initiative that will look into the food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture. This endeavor poses a complex challenge which has to be addressed by aligning policies, securing research funding and bringing together different stakeholders within the research and innovation environment in Europe and Africa.

The idea of PROIntensAfrica has made significant progress in partnership development and implementation of various activities. The 7th AASW provides a very good opportunity to present the progress made. At the event the team will present and discuss key aspect of the project and generate discussion to gain support for the future strategic issues.

Download the event programme and visit the PROIntensAfrica event website.

This event is open to all participants at the 7th AASW.