RINEA Work Package-Leaders Meeting

The RINEA project is a Cooperation Support Action (CSA) including partners of seven African and six European partners funded by the European Union. The project mirrors the HLPD-bureau members and is assigned to support this political dialog between the two regions and its connected activities.

On June 29/30 DLR-PT -as coordinator of RINEA- organised a meeting of the work package co-leaders in Brussels. This meeting aimed at benefitting from synergies arising from the close connection between RINEA’s and CAAST-net plus’ activities, sharing knowledge and avoiding duplications within the ongoing work. CAAST-net plus is a network funded by the European Union as well supporting this bi-regional cooperation in research and innovation but comes to an end in December 2016.

The meeting was installed in order to reviewing the first project year and analysing the achieved results. The European Commission attended the meeting during which the WP co-leaders together with the project officer adjusted the plan for RINEA’s second and following year and agreed on next steps for preparing RINEA‘s midterm meeting 28-29 September 2016. The Midterm meeting is intended to providing directions for RINEA’s second project half until February 2018.

During RINEA’s first year all deliverables and milestones could be achieved.

Author: Dr Kerstin Silvestre Garcia | DLR Project Management Agency