2nd Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance - Annual Forum

Under the auspices of the Government of Kenya, the NEPAD Agency will convene the 2nd Africa Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Alliance scheduled for 11-13 October 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Africa CSA Alliance is spearheading implementation of the African Union Vision to reach 25 million farm households practicing CSA by 2025 (Vision 25x25) in line with CAADP’s 2015-25 Results Framework which was endorsed at the Malabo June 2014 AU Summit. The Africa CSA Alliance plays coordination functions through open dialogue, agenda setting and enhancing alignment and harmonization in the efforts to support the scaling up of CSA in Africa.

The theme for the Conference is “Implementing African INDCs for Growth and Resilience in Agriculture” which is critical following the adoption of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the emphasis placed by African countries on the agricultural sector. Majority of African countries included agriculture in their INDC adaptation priorities and 36 out of 54 African countries also included agriculture in their GHG mitigation target.

Source: NEPAD